How to Protect Yourself While Protesting

Justice demands for us to serve the front lines in this fight for basic human rights. Unfortunately, when our voices aren’t being heard, we have to respond with organized outrafe. So we are flooding the streets with our bodies and picket signs. We stand in solidarity with everyone protesting for the rights for our Black brothers and sisters, but we want you all to remain safe while fighting for our revolution.

How to Protect Yourself While Protesting:

Even peaceful protests can get violent when dealing with a police department that deploys warriors with no moral compass. Here are a few tips:

Before Protest:

  • plan. make a descriptive sign (make an extra for someone who may not have had the time or supplies to do so)
  • Consider making a sign out of plywood. It can double as a shield from rubber bullets. big enough to cover your vital organs and face.
  • pack essentials: water, snacks, and any other essential supplies you may need.
    • other things to pack for your well-being
      • your MASK (for protection against COVID19, and your identity)
      • liquid antacid mixed 1:1 with water. perhaps bring more for fellow protestors in-case tear gas has been used.
  • write down two emergency contacts in-case of emergency, keep in your wallet or pocket
  • be aware of the various curfews in place
  • plan your protest area, know the streets and intersections in case of an emergency. map where would you find shelter in the protest area if needed. tell someone which area you will be protesting in.
    • go with a friend, and make a plan if you all are separated during the protest
      Image by JD Barnes at Essence Magazine

      Image by JD Barnes at Essence Magazine


  • film, photograph, and document any police brutality you may witness at the protest. any injuries, arrest, and other violence.
  • protect your identity, and your health.
  • pay attention to the crowd:
    • if people are running away from an area, this is an obvious sign the police have begun to use their violent tactics
    • if police are becoming hostile, prepare yourself for the worst.
      • have your antacid ready, and your route to emergency shelter documented.
  • Look out for one and other.


share any useful information related to the protest in which you attended.

useful questions to ask and answer:

  • was someone unlawfully arrested?
  • is there any information you can share to help anyone?
  • Were the police unnecessarily hostile?
  • is there anything you should warn future protesters about?

for more information, click here

we are thankful for every protester on the forefront, but most importantly we want you all to remain safe.

the fight has only just begun, don’t let up, and don‘t give up.

“I learned early that crying out in protest could accomplish things. My older brothers and sister had started to school when, sometimes, they would come in and ask for a buttered biscuit or something and my mother, impatiently, would tell them no. But I would cry out and make a fuss until I got what I wanted. I remember well how my mother asked me why I couldn’t be a nice boy like Wilfred; but I would think to myself that Wilfred, for being so nice and quiet, often stayed hungry. So early in life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better make some noise.”
Malcolm X, The Autobiography of Malcolm X

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