Financial Boycott: Its Time to Buy Black

cancel culture seems to be an all time high right now, and thankfully it has spread its roots into capitalism.

there’s financial power that we all hold, and the time is now to regain and utilize our power. boycotting racial injustice through economic means is a vital way to protest.

Photo by JD Barnes at Essence Magazine

here’s how you can vote with your dollar:

  • restrict your spending to essentials only .
  • support your local Black businesses.
  • research your favorite brands and their social and political standings; are you spending money with a brand that has different morals than you?
    • there’s a website and app, Goods Unite Us, that displays various companies and their political standings.
  • find Black alternatives to your usual goods, foods, and services.
  • participate in BLACK OUT DAY, on July 7th 2020. BLACK OUT DAY is a day to only spend money with Black owned business.
    • you can register, and learn more information for BLACK OUT DAY at
    • “If you must spend a dollar,” “spend it with a black business only. We’re building a tool for you to be able to shop anywhere in the country with black businesses.” -Calvin Martyr

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